Daniel Rod

I'm a Family Lawyer currently studying full time for the NSW Bar Exam in June 2019.

I believe in being a decent human being to everyone - first and foremost.

I blog, I take photos of thought provoking subjects or of beautiful landscapes, I have opinions, and am well read.

When not at work, you'll find me indulging in my love of jurisprudence, literature, music, art, travel, philosophy and the study of quantum mechanics.

BA (Int. Std.) (Spanish Language and Culture) (UTS)LLB (UTS)GDLP (ANU)LLM (Family Law) (College of Law)LLM (International Law) (ANU) (In Progress - 3 subjects until completion)

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I am in my fifth year of law practice, having recently completed my Master of Laws (Family Law) studies at the College of Law, Sydney. I am also enrolled into a Master of Laws (International Law) at the Australian National University, with the aim of completing my studies by the end of 2019.

I am currently taking time off from full time employment in order to concentrate on my studies for the upcoming NSW Bar Examination in June 2019.

I pride myself on delivering to each of my clients an exceptional level of service both in a legal and a professional sphere. I provide my clients concrete results through my use of “out of the box” thinking that involves both conventional and non-conventional thinking.

I believe that one can add value and provide premium professional legal services in Family Law, in circumstances where clients are often experiencing emotional distress and need to have their options, the law and their situation distilled to the issues that matter in a simple manner.

I do this by providing personalised and tailored legal services to each of my clients.

This is vital to ensuring that clients feel valued, that they are receiving individual attention and feel ‘looked after’. By going above and beyond for my clients I achieve large numbers of personal referrals to my practice, many of whom are referred to me from existing clients and other legal practitioners without Family Law experience.

About Me (Outside of Law)

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I am a firm believer in having a work/life balance and in maintaining my love of adventure.

I have a Dachshund, Miss Daisy, and a Cavoodle, Mr Fluffy. You will often find me taking them for a walk in the park followed by coffee in Rose Bay.

I love to exercise at the gym. This has become a recent hobby/love of mine and approximately 4 times a week I will go after work to unwind.

My ultimate goal is to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.

Another love of mine is technology. I have created my own software to assist me in running my law practice after identifying areas that I believe could be improved in terms of efficiency and in order to deliver better results using simple tweaks to existing processes.

My other love is that of audiobooks and podcasts. It is difficult to read as much as I would like to, however I have discovered that audiobooks are a great way to incorporate my love of literature, science and non-fiction books into my everyday life. On average, I listen to 2 books a week and do so during my commute from work, at the gym and during my down time.

I have a passion for music too, and when not listening to audiobooks or podcasts you will find me listening to Copland, Stravinsky, Sibelius, Shostakovich, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Elton John, or jazz greats such a Coltrane, Monk, or Ellington.

Lastly, I love to travel and in doing so, to get out of my comfort zone. I have travelled extensively throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and South Africa both on my own and with companions. Travel allows me to keep in touch with my love of adventure and to explore other cultures.


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"Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you don't like your life, it's time to make better choices."
Zig Ziglar

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